Certified Executive Pre MBA by MAMSA

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Certified Executive Pre MBA
Offered by by MAMSA
Certified by CEPMBA (UK)

– Bright Career Opportunity & Job Security4_copy
– Salary Increment and Job Promotion

– Graduated so far: more than 20,000 graduates
– Online Learning, study from home
– Join MAMSA and earn Certificate / Certification / Diploma / Advanced Diploma / Bachelor Degree and Master Degree without leaving your Job
– Flexible Entry Criteria
– Less fee than regular universities
– Study from anywhere around the world
– Registered Learning Provider of Asia e University
– 100% assignment based, Short duration (10 to 15 months)
– 100% e-Learning, no class attendance, no year-end project paper (only modular assignments)
– GSSP (Guided Self Study Program) with easy to follow online study material
– Can withdraw EPF
– International and National recognized multinational University
– As Advertised in Astro Vanavil & THR Raaga
– Program Director: Professor Dr. Partheban Sinnappan (experienced in Distance Learning for Working Adults for more than 20 years)

WhatsApp / SMS / Call: + 60 – 18 – 2293577
Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/mymamsa
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ADMISSION REQUIREMENT  for Certified Executive Pre MBA by MAMSA

  1. Students need to provide a SPM / STPM or equivalent. ( relevant to the courses)
  2. Foreign Students should demonstrate writing and speaking competency in the English language by submitting a proof of a minimum score of 500 in the TOEFL test.
  3. Students should know how to use the computer and the internet.
  4. Students must have an e-mail address.
  5. Consult with our consultants, since each academic institutions and courses may have various requirement needs.

Educational Material Information

  1. The educational Material is the written or/and the audio material prepared by the MAMSA or respective institution to cover each subject.
  2. Students should purchase the Educational Material when they register for their courses.
  3. MAMSA sends the material upon the receiving the registration form.
  4. The Educational Material should reach the students before the beginning of the semester unless they register late.
  5. If the student doesn’t receive the Educational Material one day before the beginning of the semester, he/she needs to contact us immediately
  6. For more information on the educational material please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Course Instructions

  1. Students who completed their admission and registration may move to the next stage in the process.
  2. Students will receive the related educational material based on their registration date. This the material includes:
  • Professors’ / facilitators contact list (if any)
  • Course syllabus
  • Course material
  • Dates of exams ( if any)
  1. Students have one week to submit their written answers. (subject to respective institutions regulations)
  2. Students should contact their facilitators to schedule their oral exams based on specific deadlines. (If any)
  3. Students should be serious about meeting assignment deadlines.
  4. All course requirements should be submitted by the last day of the term.
  5. Based on our experience in this field, we sincerely advise our students to follow and apply the following tips:

In addition to our required educational material, we highly recommend our students to take advantage of our virtual library and other reliable resources to learn more about their subjects.

  • Students must take advantage of the availability of the respective institutions faculty to answer their questions.
  • Sincerity and individual pursuance are the necessary conditions for deeds’ acceptance.

WhatsApp / SMS / Call: + 60 – 18 – 2293577
Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/mymamsa
Website: www.mamsa2u.com